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About Us:


Memphis Thunder Racing is the largest multi sport team in the Midsouth.  Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, build friendships, and increase participation in triathlons (swim/bike/run) and multi sport events throughout the Midsouth, USA and the World.  Memphis Thunder is committed to increasing safe cycling awareness in all communities.

Our 100+ members actively train for and participate in triathlons, duathlons, and individual events such as swimming, biking, running, adventure racing and mountain biking.  The team provides numerous training events in each discipline and hosts races and social gatherings.  The marquis event is the annual 'Memphis Thunder Kids Tri held every September.  This triathlon is hosted by adult Thunder volunteers in partnership with St. George's school in Collierville to promote the benefits and enjoyment of the sport for children and teenagers aged 7-14.  We also actively give back to the community through volunteering in the community as part of 'Thunder Cares'.  



Memphis Thunder Racing (MTR) was started by several local area athletes in the spring of 2003.  These athletes included Cory Horton, Lesley Brainard, Patrice Lhommeau, Katie Siegal, Walt Rider and several others.  The idea for this triathlon team was to make multisport available to people of all ages and ability levels, so everyone could enjoy the sport of triathlon.

Today, MTR stays true to this goal by bringing together athletes both competitive and recreational, and from experienced racers to complete beginners.  The team has grown during the past several years, from a just a handful of members to over 100 strong.


As an official USAT club, Thunder members have participated in multi-sport races all over the world, including the World Championships in Kona.  Membership levels range from the Thunder Elite Team to first-timers and everything in between. Although the team has many strong competitors that place overall or among their respective age group, it is the active participation by all our members that makes Thunder what we are! 

Should I join the team?


It has long been said that to accomplish the goals one sets out in life, it helps to surround yourself by like-minded people.  Maybe you're a seasoned triathlete, or have never competed in any sports, but if you are interested in triathlons and multisport, Memphis Thunder Racing can help you accomplish your goal of completing and competing at your next event.

Whether you want to get into the multisport lifestyle to try a new activity, increase your overall fitness level, lose weight, or realize your full potential in competitive competitions, we have a member just like you!

Our members include first timers who are looking forward to their first race this season, beginners who are still learning the ins and outs of the sport through experience, and competitive amateurs, some of which have competed on a national and even international level.

Memphis Thunder Racing truly is an open club to athletes of all levels. So whether you go long, go short, go fast, go slow, or go anywhere in between, we just want you to get going in triathlons!  


If you are interested in finding out more about the requirements on becoming a member of the Memphis Thunder Racing triathlon team, please ask any team member, or contact our membership chair, Jeanine Watts, at