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Kid's Tri Club

Our organization is focused on providing education and training to kids aged 6-17 in the sport of triathlon. We have a dedicated team of skilled coaches who are committed to instructing and training our young athletes. Our practice sessions are held twice a week for 8 weeks in preparation for the annual Memphis Thunder Racing Kids Triathlon, which takes place in September. Our aim is to help children develop their skills, enhance their physical fitness, and build their confidence as they participate in this exciting and challenging sport.

Cory's Dream

The Cory Horton Kids Triathlon Race is an annual event that was established in memory of Cory Horton, the founder of Memphis Thunder Racing.   Cory aspired to host a Kids Triathlon.  In 2005 the team made this dream a reality.  Since then this race has continued to attract countless young participants aged between 7 and 17 to compete in swimming, biking, and running.  The goal of this event is to provide a platform for children to showcase their athletic abilities and encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle while enjoying the sport of triathlon.   The event is a testament to the passion and vision of Cory Horton, who aspired to host a Kids Triathlon.

The Cory Horton Award

The "Cory Horton Award" is bestowed upon a deserving athlete each year, who embodies the qualities that Cory Horton, an individual who inspired and motivated athletes, aimed to instill in his proteges. This award seeks to recognize those who display not only exceptional athletic ability, but also exemplify good sportsmanship and altruism. It is a commendable practice to acknowledge athletes who exhibit such qualities, as they serve as role models for others to emulate. The recipient of this award should be able to continue to inspire others to follow in Cory's footsteps, thereby perpetuating his legacy of excellence and good character.

USAT Kids Races

USAT Kids Races

USA Triathlon is committed to increasing youth access to multisport and offers a variety of programs and resources to help young athletes get involved in triathlon, develop their skills and achieve their goals. With programs and resources for all ability levels, we are here to support young athletes throughout their multisport journey.

USA Triathlon offers discounted annual membership for youth athletes. For just $10 a year, athletes aged 13-17 can enjoy unlimited racing. Or, for $25, youth athletes can ensure membership through their 18th birthday.

Helpful Info

It is important to MTR Kids Tri Club that you and your child have the information you need to be as safe as an athlete as possible. Helmet and bike safety is something we take very seriously. Always be sure to check that your bike and helmet fit properly as that in the event of avoiding an accident or an accident itself, your child's head is properly protected.

How to properly fit your bike helmet

Our coaches take the Safe Sport courses every year to ensure the safety and well-being of our athletes.  The Safe Sport program is dedicated to the training and education of community members with the sole purpose of ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse on behalf of athletes everywhere.  This course helps us to proactively take steps to prevent abuse, identify the role power imbalances and culture dynamics has in the prevalence of abuse, and highlights ways to build inclusion and team cohesion.  The program illustrates signs and forms of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and misconduct, and how to recognize warning signs.  It teaches our coaches how to properly react and follow through on disclosures of abuse, how to intervene in situations where abuse may be evident, and laws that guide abuse reporting.  

Sport provides kids of all ages and abilities with countless positive experiences and opportunities. Those experiences should come free of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse and misconduct. As parents and guardians, you’re in a unique position to help create safer environments for all athletes.  Parents are encouraged to read Safe Sports Parent and Guardian Handbook for Safer Sport  and become partners with us in ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse everywhere.