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A little wet, but the Kids Tri for Cory was great fun for all!

Published on 9/21/2009

Rainy weather came down much of Saturday and all day Sunday morning until just about start time for the 2009 Kids Tri for Cory.  Luckily, the rain left, the skies cleared, and almost perfect weather ensued for the remainder of the race day, leaving just a few puddles along the race course.


Just shy of 200 athletes, ages 7-14, completed the race with an indoor pool swim, a closed bike course and a closed run course, all which remained on the campus of St. George's Collierville Campus.  The event was a joy for all the child athletes, parents, friends and volunteers.


Congratulations to all of the participants!


Full event photos can be found here, and full results can be found here.