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Thunder has a massive turnout and great results at one of the area favorites, the Dragonfly Tri!

Published on 6/20/2010
The Dragonfly Triathlon by Start2Finish event management, is one of the mid-south areas favorite courses and is always well attended by Memphis Thunder Racing.  This year was no exception, with over 40 members participating and bring home ten awards. 

This great event, held around the Sardis Lake area in Northern Mississippi, consists of a .5-mile swim, a 18-mile bike, and a 4-mile run. 

Congratulations to all the finishers of the race!

Memphis Thunder Racing finishers:


 Lesley Brainard

 1st Overall Female 

 Barbara Zoccola

 5th Overall Female 

 Deborah Carey 1st Age Group (35-39)  1:46:57   
 Gina Eubanks 1st Age Group (40-44)  1:55:39   
 Marcie Cohen 6th Age Group (40-44)  2:07:49    
 Joanne Webber 15th Age Group (35-39)  2:11:16    
 Karen Packer 10th Age Group (45-49)  2:11:38    
 Rachel Campbell 16th Age Group (35-39)  2:19:58    
 Julianne McDaniel 5th Athena 2:34:15    



 Jim Slaba 3rd Age Group (40-44)  1:35:40   

 Trevor Hopper

2nd Age Group (16-19)  1:36:11   
 David McDaniel 3rd Age Group (45-49)  1:37:30   
 John Brainard 6th Age Group (40-44)  1:40:22   
 Philipe Simek 3rd Age Group (30-34)  1:41:05   
 Scott Mitchell 6th Age Group (45-49)  1:41:58   
 Justin Keeton 9th Age Group (35-39)  1:42:27   
 Roy Crossman 12th Age Group (40-44)  1:45:34   
 Darren Greenburg 3rd Clydesdale  1:45:53   

 James Campbell

3rd Age Group (50-54)  1:46:36   
 Freddie Nalos 16th Age Group (40-44)  1:48:22   
 Michael Savage 4th Clydesdale  1:49:31   
 Alan Carey 15th Age Group (35-39)  1:50:31   
 Reed Walters  21st Age Group (40-44)  1:51:19   
 Jim Baas 8th Clydesdale  1:55:00   
 John Phillips 12th Age Group (50-54)  1:59:29   
 Bruce Truitt 14th Age Group (45-49)  1:59:38   
 James Morris 14th Age Group (50-54)  2:01:00    
 Neil Young 27th Age Group (35-39)  2:01:07    
 Tom Wilson 12th Clydesdale  2:05:04    
 Todd Scarpace 15th Clydesdale  2:08:53    
 Scott Blackburn 33rd Age Group (40-44)  2:13:11    
 Timothy Kelley 19th Clydesdale  2:15:23    
 James Cohen 35th Age Group (40-44)  2:16:10    
 Greg Anyan 22nd Clydesdale  2:19:50    
 Chris Ferrell 24th Clydesdale  2:21:17    
 Jack Richbourg 7th Age Group (60-64)  2:21:54    
 Sean Hunt 18th Age Group (45-49)  2:27:22    
 Bill Bell 24th Age Group (50-54)  2:34:16    
 David Clifton 39th Age Group (40-44)  2:56:14