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Nine MTR members complete Ironman 70.3 Austin!

 | Published on 10/18/2010
Nine members of Memphis Thunder Racing traveled to Austin this past weekend to take on the hills and heat of Texas to complete the 2010 Ironman 70.3 Austin Triathlon. 

Memphis Thunder Racing finishers:
 Jim Slaba                  7th Age Group (40-44)              4:39:11
 Stephen Anderson          25th Age Group (30-34)  4:45:19
 Scott Newberry  81st Age Group (35-39)  5:20:38
 Debbie Carey  19th Age Group (35-39)  5:31:06
 Gina Eubanks  26th Age Group (40-44)  5:55:48
 Wendy Fejfar  52nd Age Group (30-34)  6:05:29
 Mark Meyer  237th Age Group (30-34)  6:59:51
 Clay Lafferty  253rd Age Group (30-34)  7:12:28
 Joelle Goan  85th Age Group (40-44)  7:23:43

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