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Heavy winds turn NOLA 70.3 into a shorter race, but no easier!

Published on 4/18/2011
Strong winds in the New Orleans area caused the race director to make the decision to cancel the swim portion of this year's Ironman 70.3 New Orleans.  The somewhat unique time-trial bike start was interesting and 25+ mph winds led to a challenging race for all. 

Thunder was well represented with several members completing their first half-iron distance event, and Jeff Fejfar leading the charge with an age group podium spot and earning a slot to the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in September. 

On a down note, MTR had one DNF after member Chris Bowers went down in an accident on the bike leg that took him out of the race.  Although his injuries were painful, none seem to be long lasting and Chris will be out there competing again soon!  Get well soon!

Congrats to all those who took on NOLA this year.

 NAME      TIME     RANK
 Jeff Fejfar  3:52:38  4th Age Group (35-39)
 Gary Zyriek  4:19:19  49th Age Group (40-44)
 Philipe Simek  4:31:33  67th Age Group (30-34)
 Chris Wiese  4:51:41  124th Age Group (40-44)
 Freddie Nalos  4:58:51  142nd Age Group (40-44)
 Aida Wiese  5:30:32  37th Age Group (40-44)
 Craig Conley  5:40:30  230th Age Group (40-44)
 Tom Wilson  5:27:39  145th Age Group (30-34)
 Marcie Cohen  5:47:21  48th Age Group (40-44)
 Jason Watson  5:56:40  236th Age Group (35-39)
 Chris Bowers  DNF   Due to bike accident.