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Jeff Fejfar wins age group at Heatwave Classic!

Published on 6/5/2011
The 2011 Heatwave Classic lived up to its name with an over 100 degree heat index by race finish.  Despite the high temps, all our Thunder members did great, including Jeanine Watts taking 3rd place in her age group and Jeff Fejfar taking 3rd overall to earn the top spot in his age group. 

Congrats to everyone!

 Jeff Fejfar      2:00:31      1st Age Group 35-39
 Jonathan Gerzetich              2:13:21  11th Age Group 30-34
 Wendy Fejfar  2:27:31  6th Age Group 30-34
 Scott Traylor  2:34:27  8th Clydesdale
 Jeanine Watts  2:36:25  3rd Age Group 50-54
 Lloyd Crawford  3:01:04  16th Age Group 50-54