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Jeanine Watts takes 1st Grandmaster at Firecracker 5k!

 | Published on 7/4/2011
A random rain shower that poured on the midtown area for about 45 minutes before race start, cleared just in time for the start of the 13th Annual Comcast Firecracker 5k.  It is one of the Memphis-area's most popular road races.  Unfortunately the sun peaked through the clouds just minutes before the starting gun to help bring the humidity up to 100% for the duration of the race.  Hot temps, high humidity and wet roads made for another memorable race, but a challanging one for sure!
Jeff Fejfar               -     2nd AG (30-34)                      (19:14)
Billy Tune                -     4th AG (30-34)                       (20:11)
Henry Ellis               -     6th AG (35-39)                       (20:33)
Jeanine Watts         -     1st Female Grandmasters      (22:24)
John Phillips            -     7th AG (50-54)                        (22:40)
Scott Traylor           -     9th AG (50-54)                       (23:08)
Wendy Fejfar          -     9th AG (30-34)                       (24:38)
Dennis Webb          -     22nd AG (30-34)                     (24:55)
Steve McBride        -     14th AG (40-44)                      (25:35)
Cindy Ashe             -     24th AG (45-49)                     (35:39)
Jason Kelley           -     69th AG (35-39)                     (38:01)
John Richbourg      -     17th AG (60-64)                     (40:29)

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