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The Hill & Dale 8-miler takes the start of the new year!

Published on 1/8/2012

The Hill & Dale 8-miler, a local favorite and grass-roots style race, took place this past Saturday on the hills of Shelby Forrest.  Extremely moderate temperatures set the stage for some great performances this year by the following MTR athletes:


52:15        Roy Crossman                1st Overall Master

52:48        Walt Rider                        2nd Overall Master

57:22        Curt Soefker                    1st Age Group 40-44

58:15        Debbie Carey                  3rd Overall

58:16        David McDaniel               2nd Age Group 45-49

1:00:36     John Phillips                    2nd Age Group 50-54

1:00:55     Henry Ellis                       4th Age Group 35-39

1:01:59     Neil Young                       6th Age Group 35-39

1:04:37     Nicki Hutchens                2nd Female Master

1:10:28     Wendy Fejfar                   4th Age Group 30-34

1:10:55     Craig Conley                    11th Age Group 40-44

1:14:52     Liz Peake                         12th Age Group 30-34

1:23:47     Ruth Johnson                   6th Age Group 55-59

1:42:15     Cindy Ashe                       12th Age Group 45-49