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1st Annual "FitCity" Dash n Splash was a great event!

Published on 4/18/2008

WellWorx Sporting Clubs 1st Annual "FitCity" Dash n Splash on Friday, April 18, was a great event!  There was a great turnout of Memphis Thunder Racing members.  Congratulations to all the competitors.  We can't wait for the new series WellWorx will be rolling out this season!  Click HERE to see the full results from the race.


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:

 Women (Long Course)    
 Ronda Jacoby 1st Age Group (30-34)     46:33    
 Men (Long Course)    
 Pete Sully  1st Age Group (40-44)    


 Jeff Skinner 1st Age Group (50-54)     33:50    
 Lloyd Crawford 2nd Age Group (45-49)     39:32    
 Jeff Sanders  2nd Age Group (40-44)    


 Scott Marcom  1st Clydesdale    


 Women (Short Course)



 Leslie Brahm 1st Overall     16:14    
 Sue Markham 1st Age Group (45-49)     19:06    
 Melanie Dakin 1st Age Group (40-44)     19:19    
 Lisa Franklund 1st Age Group (35-39)     20:29    
 Julianne McDaniel 1st Athena     25:03    
 Men (Short Course)



 Chuk Bible 2nd Age Group (45-49)     15:54    
 Bill Bell 3rd Age Group (45-49)     16:18    
 Richard Patterson 1st Age Group (35-39)     16:33    
 Jim Rindin 1st Age Group (50-54)     16:34    
 Jay Campbell 2nd Age Group (35-39)     17:12    
 Aaron Sanderson 1st Age Group (25-29)     17:21    
 Todd Scarpace 1st Clydesdale     19:40    
 Greg Anyan 2nd Clydesdale     20:14