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Thunder runs amok in the mud at the Wolfman Duathlon!

Published on 3/31/2008

The weather made this year's Wolfman Duathlon look like it may not happen.  After delaying the start for an hour, the lightning finally let up and the race director rushed everyone to the starting line.  Even though the lightning stopped, the rain continued to pour for the entire race and each participant got a new look at running and riding the trails at Shelby Farms.  It was an experience that no one will forget.


Congratulations to all the finishers of the Wolfman Duathlon!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:




 Jeff Fejfar 1st Age Group (30-34)     1:04:19    
 Otis Stroud 3rd Age Group (40-44)     1:06:10    
 David McDaniel 4th Age Group (40-44)     1:06:39    
 Chuk Bible 1st Age Group (45-49)     1:07:26    
 Roy Crossman 7th Age Group (35-39)     1:07:45    
 Scott Mitchell  5th Age Group (40-44)     1:08:49    
 Ben Shaw 8th Age Group (35-39)     1:09:02    
 Aaron Sanderson 5th Age Group (25-29)     1:09:18    
 David Lee 3rd Age Group (50-54)     1:13:04    
 Peter Tyrell 10th Age Group (35-39)     1:13:20    
 Richard Patterson 11th Age Group (35-39)     1:13:40    
 Chris Mueller 5th Age Group (30-34)     1:15:27    
 James Steffen 7th Age Group (30-34)     1:22:20    
 Scott Blackburn 14th Age Group (40-44)     1:48:55    



 Michelle Hoffman & Lane Purser 3rd Mixed Relay     1:40:19