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MTR beats the cold to compete at the Rebel Man sprint triathlon.

 | Published on 3/30/2008

It was a cool and windy day in Oxford, but Memphis Thunder Racing had a awesome turnout for this popular local race.  Congrats to all the finishers!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:




 Leslie Brahm 2nd Age Group (35-39)     1:15:28    
 Barbara Zoccola 1st Age Group (45-49)     1:16:11    
 Jeanine Watts 2nd Age Group (45-49)     1:19:49    
 Melanie Dakin 4th Age Group (45-49)     1:21:53    
 Wendy Fejfar 7th Age Group (30-34)     1:25:28    
 Sue Markham 6th Age Group (45-49)     1:27:29    
 Shawne Sills 1st Grand Master     1:42:44    



 Billy Tune 3rd Age Group (25-29)     1:01:23    
 Jeff Skinner 2nd Age Group (50-54)     1:07:36    
 Scott Traylor 3rd Age Group (45-49)     1:10:46    
 Richard Patterson 8th Age Group (35-39)     1:11:46    
 Jared Montegut         10th Age Group (35-39)     1:12:26    
 Darin Pounds 13th Age Group (35-39)     1:13:45    
 Chuk Bible 5th Age Group (45-49)     1:13:49    
 Kenneth Whitehouse 6th Age Group (45-49)     1:20:18    
 Jeff Sanders 13th Age Group (40-44)     1:24:54    
 Scott Marcom 15th Age Group (40-44)     1:28:13    
 Tom Bramlage 9th Age Group (50-54)     1:30:43    
 Anthony Norris 20th Age Group (40-44)     1:39:17    

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