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Thunder once again has a great turnout for the Memphis in May weekend!

Published on 5/19/2008

Sporting a bright new team tent, Memphis Thunder Racing had a great turnout this past weekend for the Memphis in May Mountain Bike Triathlon on Saturday May 17th, and the Memphis in May International Distance Triathlon on Sunday May 18th.


Great weather made this year's Memphis in May triathlon weekend an incredibly fun event for Memphis Thunder Racing team members and their families.  All-in-all, MTR had 6 individual finishers and one relay team complete the Mountain Bike Triathlon.  The team also had 39 individual finishers, several relay participants, and numerous volunteers for the international distance event on Sunday.


Thanks to all those who came out to volunteer and cheer on the team!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results (Mountain Bike Triathlon - Saturday):




 Nicki Hutchens 2nd Age Group (45-49)     1:37:45    



 Jeff Fejfar 5th Age Group (30-34)     1:11:09    
 David McDaniel 5th Age Group (40-44)     1:15:13    
 Roy Crossman 6th Age Group (35-39)     1:19:57    
 Bobby Carter 13th Age Group (40-44)     1:30:34    
 Craig Couch 8th Age Group (25-29)     1:34:10    
 Mixed Relay



 Julianne McDaniel &

   Peter Tyrell

2nd Mixed Relay     1:24:59    



Memphis Thunder Racing team results (Memphis in May Triathlon - Sunday):




 Lesley Brainard 5th Age Group (35-39)     2:15:43    
 Jeanine Watts 7th Age Group (45-49)    2:35:57    
 Sarah Corrigan 18th Age Group (25-29)    2:36:31    
 Lisa Franklund 40th Age Group (35-39)    2:57:59    
 Suzanne Simmers 33rd Age Group (45-49)    3:17:12    
 Ronda Jacoby 66th Age Group (30-34)    3:24:57    
 Shawne Sills 26th Age Group (50-54)   





 Jeff Fejfar 8th Age Group (30-34)     2:07:44    
 Billy Tune 21st Age Group (25-29)     2:09:47    
 Roy Crossman 25th Age Group (35-39)     2:19:03    
 John Brainard 31st Age Group (35-39)     2:21:46    
 John Fogel 2nd Clydesdale    2:22:24    
 Reed Walters 37th Age Group (35-39)     2:24:14    
 Frank Buscher 14th Age Group (50-54)     2:24:47    
 Allen Sills 34th Age Group (40-44)     2:26:20    
 Darren Greenburg 5th Clydesdale    2:29:04    
 Chris Mueller 39th Age Group (30-34)     2:30:33    
 Andy Ison 20th Age Group (50-54)     2:30:36    
 David Leon 48th Age Group (40-44)     2:30:38    
 Jared Montegut 60th Age Group (35-39)     2:30:58    
 Chris Cavanaugh 63rd Age Group (35-39)     2:31:22    
 Jon Vancil 53rd Age Group (40-44)     2:32:48    
 Darin Pounds 71st Age Group (35-39)     2:33:01    
 Tom Bononno 31st Age Group (44-49)     2:33:25    
 Otis Stroud 61st Age Group (40-44)     2:36:10    
 Ben Shaw 80th Age Group (35-39)     2:36:43    
 Bob Barber 32nd Age Group (50-54)    2:39:07    
 John Hazen 14th Clydesdale    2:41:39    
 Jeff Glatstein 97th Age Group (35-39)     2:42:07    
 Scott Whitehouse 47th Age Group (44-49)     2:45:06    
 David Lee 47th Age Group (50-54)     2:45:47    
 Jim Rindin 48th Age Group (50-54)     2:47:28    
 Lloyd Crawford 50th Age Group (50-54)     2:48:22    
 Todd Scarpace 30th Clydesdale    2:51:12    
 Jim Steffen 67th Age Group (30-34)     2:51:22    
 Bill Bell 68th Age Group (44-49)     3:05:10    
 Greg Anyan 44th Clydesdale    3:08:42    
 Jeff Sanders 121st Age Group (40-44)     3:10:43    
 John Phillips 74th Age Group (44-49)     3:19:49    
 Scott Marcom 51st Clydesdale    3:27:17