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Memphis Thunder has a race filled Memorial Day weekend.

Published on 5/27/2008

Team Magic hosted the Y-TRI Triathlon in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, May 24th.  The race included a 200 yard swim, 8.5 mile bike and 2 mile run.


They also hosted the GJCC Memorial Day Triathlon in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, May 26th.  This event included a 200 meter swim, 8.5 mile bike and 2 mile run.


Congratulations to the finishers of these two races!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results (Y-TRI Triathlon - Birmingham):




 Leslie Brahm 3rd Overall Female     46:24    



 Chuk Bible 1st Age Group (45-49)     45:00    
 Aaron Sanderson 1st Beginner (25-29)     48:27    


Memphis Thunder Racing team results (GJCC Memorial Day Triathlon - Nashville):




 Wendy Fejfar 1st Beginner (30-34)     53:45    
 Karen Burnett 6th Beginner (40-44)     1:16:53    



 Jeff Sanders 5th Beginner (40-44)     55:03