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Thunder was proud to take part in the 1st Annual FitCity Triathlon!

Published on 8/10/2008

The FitCity Triathlon, presented by WellWorx Sporting Clubs, is the latest edition to the Memphis area multisport schedule.  The 1st Annual FitCity Triahtlon consisted of a 1/2 mile swim, 23 mile bike and 4 mile run.  This event had around 200 competitors for its first year!  Memphis Thunder Racing had a number of athletes compete or volunteer at this great event.


Memphis Thunder would like to put out a special thank you to our fellow team member, Doug Ruddle for dreaming up and putting this event together.  Doug has been injured for most of the 2008 season and has been unable to compete at events.  Luckily, for the rest of the Memphis-area multisport athletes, Doug's passion for our sport manifested itself in another way, race directing.  The event was definately first class, and we can't wait to see what he dreams up next.


Congratulations to all the finishers and thank you to all the volunteers!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:




 Damie Roberts 3rd Overall     1:56:16    
 Leslie Brahm 1st Age Group (35-39)     2:03:09    
 Sarah Corrigan 1st Age Group (25-29)     2:05:37    
 Melanie Dakin 1st Age Group (45-49)     2:06:14    
 Lesley Brainard     2nd Age Group (35-39)     2:08:03    
 Camille Vancil 2nd Age Group (50-54)     2:13:41    
 Maureen Fogel 4th Age Group (40-44)     2:26:57    



 Billy Tune 1st Age Group (25-29)     1:44:30    
 David McDaniel 3rd Age Group (40-44)     1:51:31    
 Roy Crossman 7th Age Group (35-39)     1:52:07    
 John Fogel 6th Age Group (40-44)     1:53:13    
 Jeff Skinner 1st Age Group (50-54)     1:53:24    
 Scott Mitchell 8th Age Group (40-44)     1:55:36    
 Chris Mueller 6th Age Group (30-34)     1:57:43    
 Scott Newberry 7th Age Group (30-34)     1:58:14    
 Frank Buscher 3rd Age Group (50-54)     2:03:09    
 Henry Allen 9th Age Group (30-34)     2:06:35    
 Bob Barber 5th Clydesdale     2:08:14    
 Jon Vancil 17th Age Group (40-44)     2:10:30    
 Chuk Bible 11th Age Group (45-49)     2:10:40    
 Craig Couch 6th Clydesdale     2:11:03    
 Lloyd Crawford 9th Age Group (50-54)     2:11:30    
 John Phillips 13th Age Group (45-49)     2:15:33    
 Todd Scarpace 8th Clydesdale     2:15:39    
 Bobby Carter  22nd Age Group (40-44)     2:16:43    
 Bruce Fetterman 16th Age Group (45-49)     2:21:34    
 Tom Bramlage 11th Age Group (50-54)     2:28:40    
 Chris Werner 10th Clydesdale     2:29:19    
 Scott Blackburn 25th Age Group (40-44)     2:39:03    
 John Richbourg 3rd Age Group (60-64)     2:45:11    
 David James 6th Age Group (55-59)     2:52:46