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Thunder adds 17 members to the "Ironman" list!

 | Published on 11/2/2008


With almost perfect race conditions, seventeen members of Memphis Thunder Racing completed the Ford Ironman Florida triathlon this past Saturday, November 1st.  The full ironman-distance event consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run.


Congratulations to our 17 first-time Ironman finishers!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:




 Damie Roberts 37th Age Group (30-34)     11:46:39    
 Leslie Brahm 83rd Age Group (35-39)     13:48:52    
 Sandy Meneley 2nd Age Group (60-64)     13:48:56    
 Lisa Franklund 95th Age Group (35-39)     14:29:25    



 Billy Tune 48th Age Group (25-29)     11:12:41    
 Reed Walters 108th Age Group (35-39)     11:18:07    
 David McDaniel 130th Age Group (40-44)     11:26:33    
 Chris Mueller 105th Age Group (30-34)     11:27:03    
 John Fogel 139th Age Group (40-44)     11:29:59    
 Roy Crossman 128th Age Group (35-39)     11:30:28    
 David Leon 156th Age Group (40-44)     11:39:08    
 John Brainard 186th Age Group (35-39)     12:10:34    
 Jeff Fejfar 155th Age Group (30-34)     12:26:25    
 John Phillips 139th Age Group (45-49)     12:30:46    
 Darin Pounds 231st Age Group (35-39)     12:48:31    
 Jay Campbell 238th Age Group (35-39)     12:51:27    
 Chuk Bible 211th Age Group (45-49)     14:22:35    

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