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Thunder Participates in the Sylamore 50k/25k Trail run

Published on 2/23/2009

Reasonable temperatures and slight drizzle greeted the Thunder members at the start of the Sylamore 50K and 25K trail run this past weekend.  Considering the alternatives of past years, the weather was pleasant for this year's event.


50K Participants

John Hazen 7:23:20
Ronda Jacoby 9:38:33
John Phillips 6:37:07
Allen Sills 8:35:56
Suzanne Simmers 8:35:56


25K Participants

John Brainard 3:23:08
Roy Crossman 2:44:37
Darren Greenburg 3:23:08
Darin Pounds 3:34:11
Chad Terry 3:35:35
Billy Tune 3:00:40
Reed Walters 3:42:11