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Memphis Thunder Racing has another great showing at the Rebel Man Triathlon

Published on 3/30/2009

Under once again chilly and windy conditions, twenty members of Memphis Thunder Racing traveled to Oxford, Mississippi to compete in the Rebel Man Sprint Triathlon.


It was a great race for all and each of the female Thunder team members placed in their respective age groups!


Congratulations to all the race finishers!


Memphis Thunder Racing team results:




 Leslie Brahm 1st Age Group (35-39)     1:20:38   
 Barbara Zoccola 1st Age Group (45-49)     1:20:43   
 Melanie Dakin 2nd Age Group (45-49)     1:28:03   



 Jeff Skinner 1st Age Group (55-59)     1:14:34   
 Chuk Bible 6th Age Group (45-49)     1:20:11   
 Jared Montegut 8th Age Group (35-39)     1:20:28   
 Richard Patterson 11th Age Group (35-39)     1:22:11   
 Patrick Wolf     12th Age Group (35-39)     1:22:52   
 Jeff Glatstein 13th Age Group (35-39)     1:23:12   
 Toby Wann 18th Age Group (35-39)     1:25:02   
 Bruce Truitt  8th Age Group (45-49)     1:27:05   
 Adam Parks 10th Age Group (30-34)     1:27:36   
 Andrew Forsdick 22nd Age Group (35-39)     1:28:29   
 Scott Whitehouse 12th Age Group (45-49)     1:28:59   
 Andrew Chicoine 11th Age Group (40-44)     1:29:56   
 David Clifton 13th Age Group (40-44)     1:34:06   
 Tom Bramlage 3rd Age Group (55-59)     1:35:24   
 Mike Carroll 14th Age Group (45-49)     1:38:13   
 Scott Marcom 18th Age Group (40-44)     1:38:33   
 Sean Hunt 21st Age Group (40-44)     1:42:50