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Thunder Racing Road Clean-up Day

Published on 4/29/2009

Thunder Racing Road Clean-up Day


Have you ever driven down a road and noticed all of the trash on the side of the road? Your first reaction may be to notice how ugly it looks.  You then may ask why someone would throw their trash there or perhaps ask who is going to clean it up.  Well, we did the same thing.  During regular bike rides, we noticed an over-abundance of trash along   Reynolds Road in southern Shelby County.


As one of our ThunderCares initiatives, we determined to start the process of cleaning up the roadside on April 25th.  Seven Thunder members joined together to wallow through the mud and filth to put the trash in its rightful place.  Boots and waders were donned and gloves were slipped on.  After a short time of concentrated effort, over a dozen tires were removed from the weeds and bags of bottles, cans and paper were filled to capacity.


With the help of the Shelby County road crew, we were able to get the tires properly disposed of and the trash to an appropriate final resting place.  Thanks to all of the team members who participated.


Look for future opportunities to help out the community through ThunderCares.